Kombucha King

New Zealand’s original naturally fermented alive beverage

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Here are some testimonials from our happy clients.

The results are absolutely amazing I swear. My xxx have increased significantly and I have Had not had to take any xxx for 7days which is a huge step for me. My xxx is up and running again and usually get going after drinking kombucha every morning. My overall xxx has improved amazingly.

Nadeen W

The Magpies need to have the best possible nutritional support to maintain the high levels of activity and the training load they have to prepare for the ITM Cup. Kombucha King has become an important addition to the daily needs of the players, especially those that are eating well and understand the benefits of living foods. I have Kombucha King every day and recommend that the players do as well, it is helping with xxx, and xxx from workouts. As the season progresses we will use it immediately after as many training sessions as we can.

Grant Dearns Strength and Conditioning Hawke's Bay Rugby Union

I received my box of Cranberry/Black Currant kombucha today, thank you! Brilliant customer service and super quick delivery, you guys are great :-) And it tastes amazing!

Nadia L

Since drinking Kombucha King, I have had more xxx and xxx. My xxx has settled right down and my xxx has started to clear up. I have also noticed my chronic xxx has lessened. Thank you Komucha King!

Annie K

I used to make my own Kombucha tea but recently found it was bottled right here in Hawkes Bay. A naturally fermented green tea and flavoured with either ginger, lemon and lime, berries and cranberry. I give a shot of tea to my clients post treatment to help reduce xxx, balance xxx or boost xxx. I swear by a shot or two a day of this delicious bubbling brew

Fiona Ritchie, Beauty Therapist at Simply Indulgent Taradale

Thank Michele, just arrived, super quick delivery thanks so much. I drink a bottle (sometimes 2x) of your tea everyday and now have my husband drinking it too :). I also make my own batch but not as good as yours. Absolutely love, love, love your Kombucha tea, keep up the amazing work.


Pretty much the juice of life. If you're into health but haven't tried kombucha aside from living under a rock u are also severely MISSING OUT.It's so rewarding making your own but can take a bit of time n effort. With this bad boy you're guaranteed a good time every time 👌Kombucha king make a variety of flavours but you can never go wrong with ginger (I'm a tad obsessed). So if you're into xxx boosts, good xxx xxxx and good vibes TRY SOME (yes I may be a little drunk off it 😝)

LL x

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! I just wanted to flick you a note about your product.. and how much I absolutely love it! I literally have a bottle of the organic ginger everyday without fail! Since jumping on the bandwagon over few months, I have seen tremendous improvements in my xxx, xxx and general xxx. I cannot thank you enough! Please continue to do the fantastic job you do and I will continue to drink my kombucha while everyday while my friends have their coffee! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Keep it up! 🙂

Chelsea D

Thank you so much. Your recipe is still eons ahead of many of the other brands out there. I'm yet to find one that rivals kombucha king

Sophie G

Kombucha King have the nicest kombucha around! This ginger one tastes just like a ginger beer! Nice to have a local brewer doing a fantastic job. Have a search for a local brewer near you! It's extremely good for your xxx xxxxx. Wow! Kombucha King the legends! I got sent a sample box to try their AMAZING range of artisan beverages. I got Ginger, Berry, Lemon & Lime and Tea flavour. My got-to has always been the ginger because its just like a guilt-free ginger beer, but Lemon & Lime is definitely going to be making a regular apprearance in my fridge. Check out their page and find some near you!

Jevon Q