Kombucha King

New Zealand’s original naturally fermented alive beverage

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Terms & Conditions

Dartmoor Group Ltd trading as Kombucha King

The use of Kombucha King website is subject to the following terms and conditions.

By using the Kombucha King website you signify that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by them. Any order placed through the Kombucha King website represents a full legal purchase and in no context will Kombucha King take responsibility for misrepresented orders.

Kombucha King takes all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorised purchases from it's website. However Kombucha King will not accept liability for any direct or indirect losses whatsoever if any third party obtains access to customer information. Kombucha King takes no responsibility for any incorrect customer information detail entered by the customer on the website during the process of ordering products.

If for any circumstances the information is incorrect or false, the customer will be responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that arise and will incur the costs of such circumstances.

The customer authorises that all information collected from the customer on behalf of Kombucha King will only be used to:

Kombucha King stores all information collected on a customer until such a time the customer requests the removal of that information.

Kombucha King will do all it can to protect customer information however we will not be liable for any breach of securiy by any 3rd party.

Kombucha King links to other websites are only for the benefit and convenience of the customer. Kombucha King does not act as a guarantee or endorsement for the linked website.

Kombucha King has taken all due care in providing information that is free from error, however Kombucha King takes responsibility or liability for any error in, or omission from the information provided on the Kombucha King website.

Kombucha King website cannot/may not be used for:

Kombucha King will make every effort to fulfill all orders in full, however at times the product(s) may not be available due to stock outages,

supplier out of stocks or any unforeseen circumstances. Kombucha King will be not be liable to any person(s) if orders are not fulfilled.

Kombucah King reserves the right to limit the number of products or limit the quantity of any individual product item that a customer may order.

If an order is 90% fulfilled then we will send out the order once it is confirmed by the customer. Shipping and invoice charges will be adjusted and the customer will receive a credit or refund.

Featured products or specials are only available while stocks last.

Kombucha King will substitute products only if it gets prior approval from the customer. This means that if a product is not available a staff member will contact the customer and arrange a suitable substitution.

If a customer believes that a product is not up to their standard or has been damaged in transit or any other form of damage they may return it at their own expense to the distribution centre. If the product has been deemed to be damaged (which is done on a case to case basis), then a full credit will be issued and a return of the shipping costs will be issued.

Kombucha King can only deliver to residential or commercial addresses. PO Box addresses will be declined and the customer will be contacted to arrange an alternative address.

Kombucha King will only deliver the orders to the delivery point stated by the customer. This means that any point beyond the delivery point(front door of premises) will not be within the jurisdiction of Kombucha King and any damage that occurs to the customer beyond this point has to be settled with the 3rd party directly (i.e.: Courier company).

Kombucha King assumes that the delivery point is the correct delivery point and the person(s) who accepts the delivery are authorised to do so on behalf of the customer.

Sometimes in error a product delivered may not correspond with your purchase order or invoice. If this occurs the customer may:

If the customer decides to decline the incorrect product then the customer must contact Kombucha King to ask for instructions and then return the product(s) to Kombucha King at their own expense, at which time the cartage costs may be returned.

If any customer wishes to change their order they must do this before Kombucha King has commenced preparing the order. However, variations on the order can in some circumstances be made just before the order is dispatched from the depot.

Kombucha King shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from a non-compliant or defected product other than the cost of the product itself.

Kombucha King shall not be liable for any indirect losses resulting from a customers use of or misuse of Kombucha King and its respective services.

All intellectual property, trade marks and website design remains the property of Kombucha King and Dartmoor Group Ltd. No person or company has the right to use any intellectual property contained in the website unless they have the prior approval of the owners.

No individual nor company can copy, use or recreate Kombucha King's contents, ideas, visuals or any other aspects of the websites front end or back end for their own use.

If for any circumstances an individual or company has been found guilty of breaching these conditions that individual or company will be liable under the Copyright Act 1994 and risks prosecution for a criminal offence.

The customers will only pay what is charged out as per the order date. Kombucha King will not make any adjustments if the price of a product increases or decreases between the time the order is placed and the time the order is delivered. However, if there are errors in the pricing displayed on the website, then Kombucha King reserves the right to refuse the order or change the price accordingly.

All prices and totals are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include GST.