Kombucha King

New Zealand’s original naturally fermented alive beverage

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Do you sell scoby (the culture)?

Kombucha King contains live culture and can be used as a starter to make your own Kombucha. Use about 10% of Kombucha King Tonic (1 bottle will make 4 litres). Over time this will grow your own SCOBY. Cheers!

Why is the kombucha fizzy?

Kombucha King is a 'living food' and the fermentation process continues in the bottle. This creates more 'fizz' and in some cases may overflow. We suggest opening kombucha over a glass.

Can I drink kombucha while pregnant?

Some doctors recommend that you do not consume living, raw (un-pasteurised) foods during pregnancy. That includes certain cheeses, yoghurt, sushi, rare meat and also kombucha. Please consult your health care professional.

How much sugar is in your kombucha?

Almost all of the sugar is used up by the kombucha culture in the brewing process and only a trace of sugar remains. Because we don't pasteurise our products the process continues in the bottle. So the older the kombucha gets the dryer it gets. We are adding organic stevia powder to naturally sweeten the kombucha.

Why is the kombucha flat and taste different from the last one I bought?

With the colder temperatures the kombucha may not have had enough warmth during transport to develop some fizz. All you need to do is store the kombucha at room temperature until the desired level of carbonation is reached. 24 to 36 hours should be sufficient (then refrigerate).

Can we make claims around pro-biotics being good for digestion?


How much caffeine is in Kombucha King?

Our kombucha is batch brewed using mainly healing herbs. The amount of green or white teas is less than a third of the other herbs used (about 20 grams per litre). Green tea has approximately 70% less caffeine than coffee. If you experience an energy boost from drinking Kombucha King it will be more likely from the combination of herbs and nutrients rather than the minute amount of caffeine.